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Silent Disco productions by Silent Events®, America’s first, largest and most experienced Silent Disco company. With 8 years of unmatched Silent Disco experience in America, we are the Silent Disco pioneers that first brought the Silent Disco experience to: Bonnaroo, Van’s Warped Tour, Camp Bisco, Bamboozle, Essence Music Festival, Treasure Island, Silent Southby (SXSW), Bear Creek, Wakarusa, North Coast Music Festival, Sea of Dreams NYE, The Great GoogaMooga, Ghost Ship Halloween and Jam Cruise.

Silent Events - Where We've Been

Also, the first in silent disco to…

Silent Events continued its American pioneering tradition by being the first Silent Disco company to introduce three-channel headphones to the states. We were the first American company to produce a Silent High School Graduation Party and also threw the first Silent Wedding Reception.

Some of the greatest Silent Disco events we have produced, were at the coolest locations in America! We have thrown Silent Events in  some amazing settings, including: the beaches of Hawaii, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, rooftops in New York City, the Denver Zoo, airport terminals, Miami’s South Beach, a trans-Atlantic DJ Battle between Chicago and Berlin, ice skating rinks in Tahoe and the VIP backstage area at a Widespread Panic show. We even produced a USA Network Television premiere party for “Necessary Roughness” in the middle of Times Square!

Silent Events is the exclusive Silent Disco provider for universities in America. We founded the University of Silent DiscoSM to specialize in producing on-campus Silent Discos. We have produced Silent Discos at colleges such as: USC, Vanderbilt University, LSU, University of Miami, UCLA, North Carolina State, University of Houston, Cornell University and University of Texas-Dallas. For an extensive list of the universities we’ve worked with, please visit wthe University of Silent Disco website.

University of Silent Disco at Vanderbilt University
We were also the first to debut a Silent ConcertSM in 2008. Since then, our Silent Concerts have made an impact from New York City to San Francisco. We broadcast live bands straight to the headphones, giving crowds a studio quality sound not normally experienced at a traditional live concert. Even the band is wearing the same headphones on stage as the audience!

Silent concert at the 2012 Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil in Birmingham, AL
Our Partners

We have had the honor of partnering with such great companies as: Coca-Cola, Visa, Nike, Live Nation, Red Bull, Philips, USA Network, Vitamin Water, Superfly Presents, Groupon, Dolby, Hewlett-Packard, FUZE, Nationwide Insurance, Jack Daniels, jetBlue, Coke Zero, Scion, Gawker Media and Delta Airlines. You can see a complete roster of clients we’ve worked with on our Partners page.

What is a Silent Party?

At a Silent Party, rather than using a traditional speaker system, live music is broadcast and picked up by specially designed wireless headphones worn by the audience. Those without headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to silence. People watching is half the fun! This concept first appeared in America in 2005 at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival when Ryan Dowd, owner of Silent Events, was put in charge of running the Silent Disco. Due to his resounding success he has been brought back year after year to produce what is being called “the most exciting attraction of Bonnaroo”.

The Gear behind Silent Events…

Our customized, state-of-the-art wireless headphones and in-house custom made transmitters are extremely durable, have long-range reception and produce crystal-clear sound. We feel that our transmitters are the very best in the industry. Our headphones offer transcendent comfort, are lightweight and feature an innovative, sleek design. We are also the first to offer memory foam headband for the next generation of Silent Events headphones. They are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing headphones! Our headphones also contain three separate channels, giving participants the option to choose between up to three DJs or bands playing simultaneously. A popular way to utilize the multiple channels is to have a “DJ Battle”. During a “Battle”, two or three DJs play at one time. The audience can switch between the DJs and listen to the music they like best. At the end of the event, the audience votes on who the winner is. This ability to provide various types of music can greatly increase the demographic of your event.

The Man behind Silent Events…

Before starting Silent Events Inc., Dowd worked in the music industry for over a decade. The experience he gained in audio engineering, lighting design, artist management, and production working for Widespread Panic, American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, the Black Crowes, Drive-By Truckers and agencies such as APA, Madison House, PGA and Red Light Management has been instrumental in shaping the production behind Silent Events. We take a lot of pride in our hands-on approach and always strive to provide our clients with the highest quality Silent Party possible. This is what sets us apart from other companies.

Since Silent Events was conceived, we have been bringing the silent revolution to the people. Locations and uses of our technology are only hindered by your creativity. Make your next event truly stand out from the rest with Silent Events Inc.

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